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"Not one dog is the same and that is why there is no such thing as the one perfect method"

Over mijzelf

My name is Cecile Raveling, born in 1974 near Amsterdam. In my parental home I grew up with many different pets. Free-flying birds, hopping rabbits, cats and dogs lived harmoniously together. That is not obvious, but certainly possible.

I have always played sports and have been a youth trainer for several years and here I have gained the experience of motivating others, stimulating them and above all having fun. Because I still really like teaching, I started as an instructor at the KNJV. I have been working here for several years now and until this day with a lot of passion, pleasure and surrender.


I worked for 12 years in a pet store where I learned a lot. By attending lectures and training courses, I have gained a lot of knowledge about nutrition. Giving nutritional advice and practical tips related to obedience and behavior makes many animals and their owners happy created.

Because I wanted to exercise my passion full-time and not be tied to one method, I decided to become an independent entrepreneur and start my own dog school. Not only for myself, but also for your four-legged friend. No two dogs are the same and that is why there is no such thing as the one perfect method.

After thorough preparation, registration with the Chamber of Commerce and obtaining a training location in Amsterdam, INSTINCTIVE Cats & Dogs is a fact. In addition to offering various activities for dogs and cats, I am also selflessly committed to local welfare work with INSTINCTIVE.

II cordially invite you to come by or get informed.

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